Hundreds of different forms and styles of beer are brewed worldwide. People from various parts of the world have created and built their own home beer techniques that add unique aromas and flavours. The color, size, smoothness, taste, ingredients, gravity, temperature and recipe of beers also differ. Each type of beer has an related history of where it originated and how it originated. Here are the three major types of beers found at different parts of the world!

Most Fermentation

Such beers are made from top fermenting yeast, which usually ferments at higher temperatures, offering large quantities of esters and other secondary aromas and flavors. The yeast on the surface of the fermenting beer forms a layer of foam that gives tastes that mimic those of apple , pear, pineapple, corn, hay, banana, plum or prune. The top fermented beers include beers such as Ales, Altbeer, Special and Wheat.

Ales-The beer in England is very popular. The style includes bitters, pale ales, porters, stouts, trappist and alt barley wines. Barley Wine is an English beer popular with smooth, syrupy and heavy flavourings. This comes in black or light colours. Biere de Garde, from North West France, is medium to heavy spicy ales.

Altbeer-Made in northern Germany’s city of Düsseldorf and other cities, this beer is a copper-colored herbal ale, which is very bitter in taste. This contains around 4.5% alcohol, and is made using the ancient brewing method. Diebels, Schlosser and Uerige are only a few examples of beer from Alt.

Wheatbeers-Berliner Weisse is a common, sharply acidic wheat beer produced primarily in Berlin. This beer is low in alcohol and comes with added green woodruff or raspberry juice which gives its cloudy white appearance colours.

Higher Fermentation Forms

The yeast ferments at lower temperatures in these forms of beer, and produces a compound called Raffinose is a complex sugar. The yeast produces its own flavour at the bottom of the fermenting beer. This way Lager is the most popular type of fermented beer.

Lagers-” Largering “is also called the bottom fermentation technique. Bocks, Doppelbocks, Munich, Vienna, Marzen and pilsners are part of the Lager beers. Oud bruin, a weak sweet Lager from the Netherlands, Muncher a brown malty lager from Munich , Germany, are among the common Lagers. Marzen is another lager manufactured in Vienna manufactured of copper-colour.

Spontaneous method of fermentation

Wild leaven stains are used in the spontaneous fermenting form of beers. These beer styles originated in Belgium, and are very common. Such beer types are also referred to as Lambic.

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